And we’re off! …Finally.

When I began developing The Benchmob, I wanted to create more than your typical sports and pop-culture content engine.

What you see today is a website—but hopefully one that is a more readable, more navigable, better organized, and a more coherent experience than others like it. Anyone can write. Everyone has opinions. The devil is in the details, and The Benchmob was designed with those details in mind.

Sports are changing, and not just in the stadiums or on the fields or in the offices. We consume sports differently—better, smarter—than we did ten years ago. It’s the access, the coverage, the analytics… but mostly the fans. Fans are smarter. They understand what they’re watching. They hear “3 technique” and know where the player is positioned along the defensive line. They want to discuss Early Bird contracts and trade exceptions in the NBA. They want Exit Velocity and Launch Angle and BABIP. They want to discuss, argue, learn, and most importantly, they want to be entertained. We want to provide the platform.

Sports, humor, technology, pop-culture: it’s all here. We’re starting out small so give us some time to find our footing. This migration has been a big step for us and we’re excited to build from the ground up.

We’ll get there eventually.

All the best—

Dave Cecconi


Dave is the Creator and Editor-in-Chief for The Benchmob. He primarily writes about Soccer, the NBA, esports, and Pop-Culture.