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It’s been a very uneven first couple of weeks for most of Overwatch League’s Tracer players. Coming into the preseason, most of us expected players like Saebyeolbe and Effect to be running roughshod over enemy back lines. But the introduction of Mercy into the mix has limited the effectiveness of solo flanking Tracers and placed a premium on teams who can instead integrate her into coordinated dive attacks. 

With the recent nerfs to Mercy, I expect that we’ll be seeing a lot more Tracer play starting in Stage 2 (when Overwatch League incorporates the new patch). Here are some statistics that were pulled from Winston’s Lab covering Tracer play from the first three weeks (minimum 45 minutes of play time), as well as, some abbreviated observations coming from the stats.



Munchkin | Seoul Dynasty

Munchkin is a great example of a Tracer player who favors disciplined play within his team’s tactical approach over the solo flanking style of someone like Effect. And because he doesn’t accumulate volume stats like some other Tracers as a result, we find Munchkin coming in somewhere near the middle. Munchkin has the third highest overall map win %, fifth highest team fight win %, and second fastest average pulse bomb charge of any Tracer player – likely a result of tendency to peel to his supports and focus diving Winstons. He currently has the lowest kills per 10 of any qualifying Tracer player.

Diya | Shanghai Dragons

I don’t think that Diya is a bad DPS player, and I certainly don’t think that he’s the worst Tracer player in Overwatch League. Hexagrams appeared on the most recent episode of Thorin’s Oversight Podcast (Episode 17) and stated that he considered Diya and Undead a Top-5 DPS duo in OWL. While I don’t know if I’d go that far, I absolutely agree with the premise that these two are being stifled by sub-par play coming from the other roles on Shanghai. Much of what Tracer does in the current meta is dependent upon the play of teammates. It’s so difficult to go off on solo flanking runs because of Mercy right now and so the best Tracer players are being used most effectively by teams with strong dive synergy. It’s no surprise that Diya has the worst team fight win % in the league, but what’s most concerning is how easily other Tracers are dealing with him in 1v1 scenarios. To date, Diya has killed just 10 Tracers but has been felled by 28 others! He also comes in with the lowest kills per 10 and 2nd worst overall K/D.

Bunny | Seoul Dynasty

Bunny is a Top-3 Tracer player any way you slice it. He has the 2nd highest team fight win %, 3rd highest first kill %, 2nd lowest first death %, 4th best kills per 10, 2nd lowest deaths per 10, and is one of just two players with a K/D over 2 (Profit being the other).

Tviq | Florida Mayhem

Like Diya, I’m not sure that Tviq is necessarily the worst Tracer player on this list, but his stats don’t exactly lend themselves to refuting that argument. The Mayhem are at least winning more than 50% of maps when Tviq is on the hero, but his individual statistics don’t exactly bear out that he’s contributed much to those victories. Tviq has the second-lowest kills per 10, the most deaths per 10, 2nd lowest first kill %, and worst overall first death %. Tviq is one of just two Tracer players with a higher first death % than first kill % (13.89% first death vs. 9.72% first kill).

Profit | London Spitfire

Profit’s Tracer has been popping up in some very interesting contexts over the last two weeks when I’ve been posting my “10 Amazing Stats…” pieces. And yet I’ve received a handful of comments telling me about how he’s “only a top-tier Genji player” and how “there are plenty of better Tracer players in Overwatch League right now. To quote The Dude: Yeah, well that’s just, like, your opinion, man. As I stated at the beginning of this piece, I’m not trying to make subjective proclamations about who the best Tracer player in Overwatch League is – I’m only here to present you with the stats. Profit is currently the top Tracer in Overwatch League with most kills per 10, least deaths per 10, and highest team fight win%. Just like his teammate Bdosin on Zenyatta (mentioned in last week’s Stat Attack), Profit has somehow also managed to secure both the league’s highest first kill % and the lowest first death %. This is a fascinating achievement considering how aggressive a Tracer must play in order to lead all other players in securing team fight first kills. And yet to also record the lowest percentage of first deaths as Tracer – a statistic we would typically associate with a more team-oriented Tracer player who does less lone-wolfing and more coordinated dives with his team – is remarkable.

Effect | Dallas Fuel

Effect was in the conversation for “best Tracer player” coming into the Overwatch League preseason, and while no one would ever question his talent on the hero, the performances just haven’t been there. Granted, Effect’s lack of success on his favorite hero is almost entirely a reflection of the Fuel’s tactical approach. The Mercy meta has proven to be the bane of the lone wolf-style Tracer player. The risk-reward tradeoff associated with getting into the opponent’s backline no longer favors the attacking Tracer player – a pick usually just gets resurrected, whereas getting yourself picked off outside the range of your own Mercy puts your team at a huge disadvantage. Effect doesn’t have the luxury of working alongside another dive DPS player or with good dive tanks and so he hasn’t been nearly as effective as players like Saebyeolbe, Soon, or Profit. Effect currently has the fastest first ultimate and average ultimate charge times with Tracer, but his 2nd worst team fight win percentage (33.87%) and worst overall map win percentage (9.78%) serve as pretty good indicators as to why Dallas has moved Effect over to the McCree/Widowmaker role and opted for a strictly anti-dive approach.

Danteh | San Francisco Shock

Danteh is another player who hasn’t fared all too well against enemy Tracers going 8:17 in 1v1 scenarios. He has the 4th lowest kills per 10, the 4th worst overall K/D, and the 4th worst team fight win %. Dante is one of just two Tracers (Tviq) being the other who have a higher percentage of first deaths than first kills in fights – a huge red flag for the hero. His pulse bombs have also swung the lowest percentage of team fights of any Tracer player in relation to what his team’s normal team fight % is (39.76% when using pulsebomb vs. 37.45%).

Logix | Florida Mayhem

The second Florida player to appear on the list, Logix has played a better Tracer than his DPS partner despite little disparity in team fight win % between himself and Tviq. However, the Mayhem’s overall map success has been drastically lower with Logix on the hero (9.95%, only Effect’s Fuel has a worse map win %) than with Tviq (52.04%). Logix has the highest percentage of his team’s kills on Tracer and it’s fairly easy to understand why. Otherwise, he features in the bottom 50% of nearly every trackable statistic with Tracer.  

Carpe | Philadelphia Fusion

Everyone wants to label Saebyeolbe as the “Tracer killer” but it’s actually been Carpe who has proven to be the most effective in 1v1 Tracer matchups. With 33 kills compared to Saebyeolbe’s 21, he’s managed to collect over 50% more kills in just over 33% more playtime. He’s also killed more Mercys than any other player (26). Carpe is 3rd in kills per 10, 5th in deaths per 10, 3rd in K/D, and 4th in first kill %. The only real blemish to Carpe’s game is he tends to be picked off first in fights quite often, 3rd most of any Tracer player.


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