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Throughout the season, I’m going to be releasing my against-the-spread picks here — the same ones that I’ll be submitting in the official Fantasy Outsiders league. [Note: All lines are taken from Westgate Superbook].

Week 1 wasn’t very friendly to me, and I can’t say I’m thrilled about the games on tap for this week, either. I know we only have a one-game sample size in most cases, but it feels like there are A LOT of bad teams in the NFL this season. Of the 15 non-Thursday night games this week, only FIVE games have a line of 3 points or less as of Friday afternoon. That said, Sunday can’t come soon enough – I’ve still got the taste of the Bengals-Texans in my mouth.

Last Week: 6-7-1

Overall: 6-7-1

Home team in CAPS.

PANTHERS -7½ Bills

Both the Panthers and Bills came away from Week 1 with wins over (probably) the two worst teams in the league. The difference between the two is that Carolina took care of business early and never looked back in San Fran, while the Jets sort of hung around for a half in Buffalo. Pick: Panthers -7½

CHIEFS 5½ Eagles

The Eagles are 0-5 SU and 1-4 ATS in their last five games as a road dog. They also benefitted from 3 turnovers from Kirk Cousins in Week 1. Something tells me they won’t be winning the turnover battle this week. Pick: Chiefs -5½

Patriots -6½ SAINTS

This one opened at -4½ earlier this week, so I’m guessing the public likes Bill Belichick getting 10 days to figure out what went wrong in Week 1… So do I. Pick: Patriots -6½

Cardinals -7 COLTS

Sure, 7 points sounds like a lot to hand out on the road for a Cardinals team that looked completely inept offensively and lost David Johnson in Week 1, but we tend to make exceptions when word drops that Jacoby Brissett will be the starting QB for the Colts. It’s just what we do. Pick: Cardinals -7

STEELERS -5½ Vikings

The Vikings have won their last 6 September games against the spread. Give me an elite pass rush and the points, even if I like the Steelers to come out of the AFC this year. Pick: Vikings +5½

Titans -1½ JAGUARS

Tennessee is 0-6 against the spread in road games against division opponents over the last 3 seasons. Not to mention they looked fairly pedestrian in Week 1 at home and… Wait just a second – What am I doing here? This is Blake Bortles we’re talking about. Pick: Titans -1½

RAVENS -8 Browns

Which is more significant: Joe Flacco completing only 9 passes in Week 1, or the Ravens’ D shutting out the Bengals… in Cincinnati? I’m going to go with the latter. Pick: Ravens -8


How many preseasons in a row has it been now in which we declared that “this will be Tampa’s year”? I’m not falling for it again. Pick: Bears + 6½

RAIDERS -13½ Jets

Let’s play a game: How many points would it take the Jets getting this week for me to feel confident in picking them? The correct answer is more than 13½.  Pick: Raiders -13½

RAMS -2½ Redskins

I’m all in on this Rams team. They’re a whole lot of fun and it’s easy to get sucked-in by the McVay-Goff storyline, but it’s also fitting the Rams got off to a strong start in Week 1 the year the experts finally write them off. That said, I’m not going to let the results of opening weekend completely alter what I expected from both sides coming into the season. Cousins won’t turn the ball over 3 times, and Washington wins this one outright. Pick: Redskins +2½

CHARGERS -4 Dolphins

There are plenty of interesting storylines shaping the Week 2 schedule, but the Chargers playing their first home game of the year in front of a modest 27,000 people in the MLS’ Stubhub Center tops the list for me. Let’s say the Chargers respond well to playing home games in front of a packed house – albeit a house with less overall fans (San Diego had the lowest home attendance in the NFL in 2016)? Now that attendance across the NFL is down overall, will teams begin reconsidering the current stadium model that prioritizes the number of seats rather than the quality of the experience? I hope so. What does all of this have to do with my pick? Nothing. But Jay Cutler is Miami’s QB. He’s a bad QB.  Pick: Chargers -4

Cowboys -2½ BRONCOS

Dallas looked really good against the Giants in Week 1. Like, reeeaaalllyyy good. Like, “I’m-already-calling-Cowboys-Packers-NFC-Championship-Game” good. Pick: Cowboys -2½

SEAHAWKS -14 49ers

So… many… points. Can’t… pull… the… trigger… Pick: 49ers +14

FALCONS -3 Packers

I learned my lesson last week: If you’re giving Aaron Rodgers points, I’m taking the Pack. It’s as simple as that. Pick: Packers +3

GIANTS -3 Lions

Is there a more egregious personnel decision in the NFL than New York’s refusal to move on from Ereck Flowers? All anyone wants to talk about is the fact that Odell Beckham returned to practice this week, but none of that matters if Eli Manning doesn’t have a pocket to pass out of. Give me Detroit. In fact, give me the Giants’ opponent every week until they replace Flowers. Pick: Lions +3


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